1.  I can touch my nose with my tongue.

2.  I like to knit at stoplights.  I actually get frustrated when I don't have enough time to complete more than a few stitches!  I also like to wait for the doctor if I have my knitting.  Hey, it's free time to sit and knit.  How often do I get that?

3.  I like my kitchen counters to be clean and I wipe them constantly.  I wipe after every little spill. It really bugs me to have to clean it after someone else has been cooking and there are dried spills and bits stuck to it.

4.  I use chapstick all the time.  I can't leave the house without it and feel panicked if I forget to put one in my pocket.

5.  I love being with my teenage daughter!  In the unschooling world that's not unusual, but in the mainstream world, that seems very weird.

6.  I have an innate sense of direction.  This is great to have since I love to travel.  However, there have been a few times, when I have gotten completely turned upside down and can't tell where I am.  It's extremely disconcerting.  I love to read maps and will memorize street names when I get to a new place just so I can orient myself on the map.  I like to know where I am.