I am finally knitting a bit again and my wrist is doing pretty well.  I do have to be careful and not go overboard with the knitting, but I can do it for an hour or so with no problem.  So, a few weeks ago I really wanted to use some of my handspun in an easy project.  The yarn was too scratchy for anything on the neck and the thought of another pair of fingerless mitts made me yawn.  I found a sweet pattern for this tea cozy on Ravelry.  It's called "Tea Mitten" because the tea spout part is created just like a mitten thumb.  It's a little loose at the bottom because I didn't actually try it on the tea pot until I was about half way done, but I did do some adjustments to the top half to fit my pot which is much more tall and slender than the original.  I just love it though and I love that I was able to create some long color changes in the yarn.  The stripes are created with one length of yarn rather than made with changing colors.  And now I'm all set for the week ahead which will be rainy and somewhat dreary.  It's been a difficult spring here.  I can't wait to see some sun and warm temps!

In other news, the raven babe seems to be doing well with its family.  The whole lot disappeared into the woods on the other side of the fairway yesterday because the golf course was simply crawling with golfers.  However, we have seen the parents feeding the young ones and did see one we thought was our little guy attempting to fly.  He got a few feet above the ground.  I've been researching ravens and it turns out the parents provide food and care for weeks or even months after fledging.

Lastly, my favorite downtown hangout, Dudley's, had a scare last week.  The owners have had a very hard time this past winter and were just about out of money, when the community swooped in to help.  I just heard that there are plans in the works to try to save it and I'm so relieved.  Dudley's is a real treasure in a downtown that's full of great, local shops and restaurants.  It would be so sad to see it go.