Raven Chronicles


We've had a raven nest in our backyard for several years now.  In the past, they haven't had very good nest success.  Last year, 2 babies were found dead below the nest.  This year, 3 fledged and we've seen them flying all over the golf course behind us.  Yesterday, however, we found this one just walking around.  I didn't interfere because we had a busy day.  


Today, it spent most of the day in the front yard and several times would just lay down in the middle of the road.  Finally, we decided a little intervention was best. 


We gave it some water and then moved it to the back yard again to keep it away from the street.



Mom and dad were looking on with interest the whole time and cawing to the baby.  The young one seems to not be injured, but it's tail feathers are not fully grown in and it may just not be ready to fly.




We'll see how it does tonight.  I'm a little worried about neighborhood cats and the occasional coyote at night.  We do have a protected courtyard we could bring it into and mom and dad would still be able to get to it.  For now, we're just leaving it alone and hoping for the best.  More later...