Slow Cloth


Only the Cat Saw....  All the stitching is done.  Now, how to finish it?



I loved playing around with all these different fabrics.  The stitching was easy without batting in between the layers.  


Slow Cloth 2: Night Tree came about while the first was still in progress on our trip to Palm Springs.  I wanted to make another woven section and that's how the woven tree came about.  The edges were turned under before appliqueing down.  I added Jude's magic feather and then the words started coming and I couldn't stop them.  




I have more work to do on this one.  This is a slow cloth which fits right in with my usual modus operandi.  I've got my indigos and other really special bits set aside for more slow cloth, so there will be more to come, eventually.  Meanwhile, I've found some wonderful bloggers doing wonderful slow cloth pieces.  Check out:  Stitching Life The Silly BooDilly, and  Threads of Loveliness.