Collaborative Quilt #3:: Liberated Wedding Ring


So, I'm finally getting back to these blocks even though I'm feeling a little bit blah about them.  Perhaps it's because Christmas is over.  However, I made a commitment to have this one done (at least the top) by March 1, so I am forging ahead.  Today I laid out the blocks without regard to the light corner squares.   I do intend to randomize them more in the finished top.  At this point I wanted to see how many rings I had and whether or not to have sashing.  


I've decided I like that green sashing, so will do something sort of like that.  It does look pretty cool with the rings bumping into each other, but I like the addition of the green to make it definitely Christmassy.


Now, all I have to do is remove the papers (aargh!) and sew it all up.  Oh, and I want two more rings.  So, yup, that's all I have to do, then make a bunch of flying geese for Posies and complete a bunch of Spider Web blocks.  What's that you say?  Haven't seen the Spider Web blocks yet have you?  I had that class last Saturday.  It was a fun one.  More on that soon!