My Year of Applique


My year of applique is moving right along.  The first week of the new year was spent on the sofa with a lot of applique in  my lap.  I had a lot of fun getting back to this Sue Spargo design.  Unfortunately, I did a bit of embellishing and then realized how hard it will be to sew the blocks together.  Might have to take out some of the beads.  Oh well.  It's not done though, there's at least one more round of blocks, I think two.  There will be more embellishment too.


When I got the Sue Spargo quilt out I found a bunch of other projects in various stages of done-ness.  This little house above was started on a trip to Hawaii in 2008.  I loved adding the serpentine borders- a la Gwen & Freddy.  I think that's my new favorite technique.  They are done on the machine.  Quick and easy.


This little house was started in a class with Tonye Phillips last year.  I only had a bit more to do in the center and then added the circle appliques in the corners.  I'm quilting this one now.  I've got lots more to show, and hopefully more time to blog this week.  See you soon!