The Power of Red

Red Door Mosaic 

I've been thinking about this challenge.  There are so many ways to think about red in our world.  A symbol of danger, love, delicious food, power, anger, attention.  The first thing that came to mind for me was the fact that I've always wished we had a red door.  For me a house with a red door is immediately welcoming, especially if accompanied by a wide porch.  I seem to be really attracted to the red doors surrounded by grey stone or brick.  I'm not sure where this will lead, but the photos are striking.

Quilter's Affair classes have been put online today.  Check it out!

1. une porte rouge, 2. Another Fabulous Red Door, 3. red door in my street, 4. The Red Door, 5. RED DOOR, 6. Red Door Somewhere in Italy, 7. Red Door, 8. Red Doors, Yellow Walls, Ajijic, Mexico, 9. Red Door, 10. Red Door and Window, 11. I see a red door, 12. Red Door, 13. Beyond the Red Door, 14. Red Door, 15. red door #5, 16. Red door, 17. The Angel and the Red door, 18. Magic Red Door, 19. Red Door Arch, 20. The REd Door