Drowning in scraps

Scrap frenzy continues apace here.  I still haven't decided on a block size (or whether I'll just put all the sizes together randomly).   I've made houses, stars, churn dash, four patch, broken dishes, shoo fly and a tree.  There'll be more of these because they are so much fun to make. 

It's been a little overwhelming to have so many scraps.  If there's one thing I've learned over the past week it's to not let your scrap bin get so out of hand.  When I sorted the scraps I took out a whole shoe box worth of bright scraps and kid prints and I have to congratulate myself for deciding to give them away.  It was sort of hard to do, but a relief in the end.  I offered them last night at my homeschooling group's Mom's Night Out and they were gladly taken.  Whew! 

However, there are still more I want to use up!  There's even another stash of long strips in the closet that will fit color-wise with these.  This is going to be a long process!

It's a very lucky thing, then, that Mark brought home a stash of chocolate from London.  I think I might just have the energy for this with enough chocolate!