Elephant Walk

The story with this quilt is that I started it during our year in Hawaii.  It was intended to go with our lovely green sofa we had there.  That sofa was sold when we moved back to the mainland, but the quilt will look great on our current lovely brown sofa! 

I bought these fabrics from Keepsake Quilting way back in 2002.  I saw these fabrics sold as one of their medleys and knew I had to get them.  I don't recall if I added anything extra to the set they sold together. 

Anyway, the good news is that I still love these fabrics and the simple nature of the quilt.  I decided to hand quilt the coins with an outline, then decided to quilt around the elephants and palm trees in the strips.  This turned out to be rather tedious and is the reason the quilt languished in the cupboard for far too long.  I'm so glad it's done though because this looks great in the living room.