Better Not Pout

I finally got down to working on this one!  After saying originally that I would applique the words on so as to preserve the plaid background fabric, I decided to piece it in.  It seemed it would be easier that way, but it took me a while.  You might also notice I changed the background fabric.  The fabric I had chosen originally was too loosely woven and it seemed that the bias edges would be particularly hard to deal with.  I like this even better.  Here's the original idea:

I'm going to work on the appliqued Santa and see if I can get Ryan to draw me a Christmas tree for the left side.

Meanwhile, my evening project is the binding on Elephant Walk.  It's coming along nicely and should be done in the next day or two.

We are finally having some sun after a week of lots of snow, then rain.  Yesterday we drove about 15 miles up toward Mt. Bachelor for a sledding day at the new Wanoga snow play area.  What a blast!  I even went down several times.  I was so exhausted last evening, but it was worth it.


Ryan flying over the jump!