Thank You

Thank you for the lovely comments on my Think Green quilt.  I've been working on some other small quilts and have even opened an Etsy shop in the hopes that I may one day actually sell something I make.  This is a scary proposition, but I'm excited too.  Chloe helped me set up my shop and set one up for herself at the same time.  So far, we don't have any items listed, but I do have a first item in mind.  It's this little quilt which I put together with leftovers from a baby quilt I've been working on.  These aren't the colors I normally work with, but I still think it's sweet. 

This little quilt is an original design, is about 12" x 12" and is machine pieced, hand appliqued, hand embroidered and hand quilted.  Once I get shipping charges figured out, I will be listing it.  Wish me luck!