It's been a busy month, especially in regards to our Campfire activities.  We started off the month taking on a community service project for the whole club to work on together.  The kids decided to do some things for the Humane Society to make life better for the animals.  So, first off we went to the Humane Society for a talk given by the outreach coordinator.  Since Chloe and I have been volunteering there for a few months, we had already had the tour, but we still learned some new things.  Best of all was getting to meet Maty who is a famous three legged Australian Shepherd.  She is the first tri-pawed dog to qualify for the World Frisbee Championship- read her story here.  Maty is quite a celebrity here as you might imagine!

After a tour of the facilities, the kids decided to focus on the cats.  They developed a plan to make cat toys the humane society could sell and to make an outdoor cat play structure. 

Back at the Campfire office we had a huge cat toy factory going.  Ryan was a pro-stuffer!

Meanwhile Chloe and others were making dangly fleece toys on sticks for the kitties as well as cat beds.

On another day we delivered the goods to the humane society.  Chloe also brought a story board that she worked on as a project for a Torch Bearer emblem.

The kids built their cat climbing toy in the outdoor cattery.

Last week the whole club went to Kah-Nee-Ta resort in Warm Springs for an end of year celebration.  We stayed in the teepees and had a ball.  There is a huge pool warmed by geothermal energy and a waterslide!  We also hiked, played games and made s'mores, of course!

This is what the teepees look like on the inside, yes, that's a concrete floor and we did all the cooking inside.

Here's our fearless leader, Erin!

We are finishing up the year this week with a trip to Shevlin Park for outdoor cooking and the Grand Council Fire on Friday.  This is the biggest celebration of the year and all the kids who are moving up to the next level will be honored.  Chloe is the only one in the whole council flying up to the high school level so she has a part of the ceremony all to herself.  She's very excited about that!  Ryan doesn't want to return next year, but he enjoys Campfire most of the time, so we'll see.  Chloe already has plans to get her WoHeLo which is the highest honor in Campfire.