Can't stop

I just can't stop making these stamps.  They are so much fun.  Chloe made another one recently as a birthday gift for a friend.  I wish I had gotten a photo of it because it is a really pretty butterfly.  We have been saving all our papers with design work on them, so at least she can recreate it someday if she wants to. 

These are little 1 inch stamps that I made for borders in my design journal.  I haven't done much in my journal yet, but I decided to cut out magazine and catalog images that I find inspiring so that I'll have them for quilt designs in the future.  I've found a lot of inspiring images in The Land of Nod catalog that we get.  I'll try to show a picture of a page or two when I get it going.

Yesterday, it was a gorgeous day here and about 72 degrees, so we headed out with my parents to do a little geocaching.  I just realized today that I should have checked to see if there were any letterboxes in the areas we went as well.  I think they are often in similar locations.  Anyway, our first stop was the Camp Polk cemetery near Sisters, OR which I thought was just an old cemetery.  It turns out there were quite a few recent graves as well.  This is the most unusual cemetery I've ever seen with, what seems to be, an "anything goes" attitude.  This geocache was really cool too, because it is a multi-stage cache that takes you around the cemetery to get a good look at all the most interesting gravestones.  


After this one we went on to another spot where we walked along this meandering little green stream.  It was so inviting, the kids had to have a better look.  It's amazing what a little water will do in the desert.  What a wonderful day!