Love, Ryan

We had such a great visit today with my brother's family.  They are visiting from Virginia for a ski vacation.  Luckily, the mountain has snow even though it's almost spring-like down here.  Today we had lunch, cookie decorating, a walk with Scrabble and Valentine making!  First, the cousins had to get to know each other again.  It was two years ago that we last saw them and Dasha is not quite 3.  We brought out the wooden toys and the girls had a wonderful time playing with all the animals.

Cookie decorating was lots of fun for everyone.

Then we took a little walk and came back for tea and cookies.

Ryan and Dasha bonded over a book.

Then we all made Valentines.  The kitchen island was covered in supplies, and we spent hours making them.  Embossing turned out to be the favorite activity.   

Ryan really became engrossed in the embossing, enough to start calling himself the flossing/frosting/'bossing man!  He was amazing.  Like I said in the last post he's not much for arts and crafts, but he spent several hours doing them and when he was finished had about 30 Valentines!  We are saving some for Campfire, some for the family Valentine dinner and some are being mailed to relatives.