Be Mine

Today our homeschool group was due to meet at the library for a Valentine making craft.  Ryan was really antsy to get going, but we had a couple of hours to go, so he decided to make one on his own.  This is completely his own creation except that Chloe helped him cut the large heart and I made a template for him to draw around.  This is the very first multimedia art project he has devised on his own and actually carried out!  I am so proud of him and you can see how proud he is too.  This is for someone special...

Just after this we made cookies to bring to the party and the kids had a good time decorating.  Chloe had a friend sleep over last night, so we had many hands helping!


Lastly, look out Hollywood!  Chloe and Ryan are spending the evening making another one of their movies.  These movies are so cute.  Chloe usually gets a story idea from Ryan and composes the dialogue, then they both narrate it while Chloe operates the camera and moves the pieces around.  These are such treasures.  I think we need a digital video camera so we can put them online.


Have a great weekend!  We'll be selling Campfire candy and starting a weeklong visit with my brother and his family from Virginia.  This is such a treat to have cousins come and visit US!