Easter Tuesday

We're celebrating a bit early since we leave on Wednesday.  Chloe just couldn't wait til after we get back for her Easter basket, so I've been knitting furiously away for the past week and the week or so before the Mexico trip.  I finally got these two adorable baskets felted yesterday and today they were dry. 

These are soooooo cute!  I love the slip stitch pattern, it's my first time doing slip stitch and I'm sure I'll be doing it again.  I also really like the handle design.  The wider, middle part of the handle is done with what's called a double i-cord.  I'd never heard of this before, but it's really cool and makes a nice wide, flattened shaped i-cord that would also be neat as a felted bag handle or a strap on a tank top.  

Pattern:  Nantasket Basket

Yarn: Cascade 220, green quatro (5019), turquoise heather (9445), cream (8010)

Needles: Inox circulars 10.5 and Clover dpns 10.5