The Creativity Project

Have you heard of The Creativity Project by Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios?  Kim is doing a year long series of weekly conversations with quilters.  There are so many wonderful quilters in this series and we are only half way through the year.  Last month I was honored to be asked to be included and thrilled to be in such great company!  My interview published today and I hope you'll check it out.

New Stuff!

So much cool stuff going on!

Firstly, Jude Hill, of Spiritcloth fame, has just opened up her classes for free to all users.  She does have a donation button and I hope that model works well for her.  You can check out these classes at Feel Free.

Secondly, have you heard of Periscope?  It's an iPhone app, and is probably available for android too.  It's a live video feed app that looks pretty interesting.  The video feeds are called scopes and you can watch them in real time.   If you miss the live feeds, you have 24 hours to view the replays, then they disappear.  Many of the quilters I follow on Instagram are using Periscope now.  I've been watching the "honestcraftroomies" scopes.  You can find me @kristinmshields on Persicope, which is also my Twitter handle.  I have yet to do a scope, but maybe someday I will!

The Modern Quilt Guild just joined Periscope and did a scope today about the upcoming 10,000th member.  Who ever gets that coveted membership will get a ton of fantastic prizes.  If you've been thinking of joining, you should do it asap!  

Thirdly, I just found out about Textillia. It's a new website that's the "Ravelry" for sewists!  Just what we've been waiting for.  It looks pretty interesting.  I've registered, but haven't been approved yet.  Luckily, they will have the lessons learned from Ravelry to go on, but I'm sure it will still be a steep learning curve.  Kudos to the team for taking on the challenge!

Lastly, I've filled my Etsy shop with all sorts of stuff!  Lots of quilts, both old and new, journal covers, Christmas ornaments, pillows, hand dyed fabrics and original artworks on paper.  I do hope you'll check it out!

The Snow Child Exhibit Opens Today!

The Snow Child Exhibit (1)
The Snow Child Exhibit (1)

This very nice article appeared in the Go! Magazine this morning.  I am so excited to see this exhibit.  If you are local, tonight's reception is from 5-7.  Tomorrow, QuiltWorks is having an open house all day and artists are coming throughout the day for an hour or two to meet anyone who stops by.

The Snow Child Exhibit (2)
The Snow Child Exhibit (2)

Dave and Marilyn are the owners of QuiltWorks.  They are great supporters of the quilting community.  I am so pleased to see two of my quilts with them in this photo!  My Snow Child quilt, called The Spirit of the Wood (being held by Marilyn), and my monochromatic quilt, the pink one on the right, called Not Your Grandma's Hanky.  The March exhibit came down yesterday and the gallery is now filled with about 60 Snow Child artworks.  There are quilts and other types of needlework and fiber art.  It's sure to be a great evening!

Generation Q

Generation Q magazine Summer 2012
I got a surprise note from Marilyn at QuiltWorks last week.  She said my #10,000 AAQI quilt was in this magazine called Generation Q.  I didn't even know this was in the works, so it was a big surprise.  She got this issue for free at Quilt Market so she was kind enough to pass it along to me.  This is the inaugural issue, the one with Amy and David Butler on the cover.  The magazine is very nicely done with a modern quilt sort of feel.  I've just had a quick look through so far, but it might be worth your while to seek it out!

Here's a blurb from the website:

Generation Q Magazine is a community of modern and contemporary quilters, sewists and fabric addicts who love to create, are welcoming of new ideas and new styles while respecting what’s come before and who enjoy creative expression in all forms. On the pages of our BlogZine, we explore and share today’s modern and contemporary creative lifestyle, with a strong emphasis on fun and that sometimes slight push through our sensibilities. Through our articles, we seek to entertain and inform, and to take joy in what makes us Fiber Mavens tick. And because we are so much more than our stash, even if we often forget that, we offer recipes, reviews, insights and glimpses into life around us as well, but never forgetting the source of life for us: sewing.

We’ve been told that quilters don’t want or appreciate lifestyle content in their magazines. All quilters want, we’ve heard, are patterns. We don’t agree. We know our sewing and quilting enthusiasts get their love of fabric on in even the most mundane spots of daily life. We know this because we’re one of you. We study a building and think of a block design. We see a flower and want to find fabrics in the same colors. We hear about a tragedy and figure out how we can ease pain through a quilt. It’s how we live and we appreciate when our reading materials celebrate these quirks of ours.