Big Stitch


Big stitch hand quilting has saved the day for my Gee's Bend quilt.  I despaired over getting it done in time for the show, but it's coming along so fast since I made the decision to go this way.  I'm using DMC Perle Cotton size 8.  



The quilt is signed by the Gee's Bend ladies who were here last year for the show.  I'm afraid to wash it, but it's quite linty so I will probably go ahead with that when it's done.


This quilt is made with different solids combined with old clothes from my kids and husband.  Those are Chloe's old shorts (love the pockets).  Ryan just adored the soft plaid flannel pants below.  Marks jeans are in the outer border, not shown here.  They are so thick that it may take a while to get that last border done, but I know it's doable since I started some of it tonight.



Isn't that just the coolest fabric for the back?