Only the cat saw


This cat was pieced on the machine at home before we left.  It was sewn in on road along with all the other pieces.  I love Jude's cats and couldn't wait to make one myself.  Do a search on "lions" at Spirit Cloth and you'll find lots of Jude's feline inspiration.  Just this morning I saw that Tonya is doing free pieced cats.  I see a trend coming on!


I hand pieced this little free pieced star on the road.  A little fiddly for me, but I like it.


This bit of cloud fabric came from Jude, who, by the way, has been adding more boro packs to her store.  They are sold out now, but if you check back this week you may find more.  It was totally worth it to buy the pack that I got, I almost wanted to get another, but thought it might be greedy.  Underneath the star and the cloud is the woven piece that Jude sent.  


I couldn't get this phrase out of my head, so it went on this piece.  I've got a busy day ahead, but more photos soon.