I've got the Indigo Blues


In the past month or so I've become enamored of all the indigo blues around the internet, most especially on Spirit Cloth, Shibori Girl and the Flickr Quilting with Indigo pool.  So I started collecting my blues.  I've gotten some spectacular packages, though so far have only these photos of the one from Jude.  I bought one of her boro packs and, oh, is it fabulous!


Rich texture, color and pattern galore.



My own woven bit of Jude's magic.



And, best of all, my very own tiny magic feather.


What will I do with all this?  I'm not sure, but I think I will do something small and rich with embroidery.  I will use my indigo scraps from Jude and Glennis and other ebay and etsy sellers.  This is spring break and since we are heading out to soak up some sun, I will take my indigo, scraps and threads with me and see what comes of it. 

In addition to the indigo I'm also exploring the Slow Cloth movement.  It's quite interesting, but I don't feel like I fully understand it yet.  You can find lots of links by searching for slow cloth, but here a few to get you started:  Slow Cloth group on Facebook, 10 Qualities of Slow Cloth, and some discussions of slow cloth here and here.  I've also been reading lots of the archives at Spirit Cloth.  What a treasure Jude's blog is!  I think there's a book or several in those posts.

Hope you all have a great week!