Guild Night Out with Freddy & Gwen


The first night of the retreat was filled with a wonderful guild night out.  The East of the Cascades Quilt Guild is lucky to be based at the Stitchin' Post and has access to all the wonderful teachers who come to share their talents.  I was there to show my 6 Collaborative Chicks Quilts, but didn't get photos of any of mine.  I did get photos of some wonderful quilts by my fellow Collaborative Chicks.  Above is Vicki who taught the Lone Star class with her quilt.  She made the mistake of doing a 60 degree diamond instead of 45 degrees, but it's a beautiful quilt!


Lori was the only other of us to do all 6 quilts.  She actually had them all completely quilted and bound!   Her Lone Star is very bright and happy.


Lori's Liberated Wedding Ring is just fabulous in the black, white and red!


This is my new friend, Jan.  We were in class together for the Liberated Wedding Rings, but then we got to sit together for the 4 days of the retreat.  Isn't her quilt gorgeous- it's all solids!


This is Jackie, who taught the Posies class, and her class sample.  Very happy and fun!


Annette, who taught the Spider Web class and her class sample.  I like how the wide pieces in the strata make for interesting patterns.


This is Lawry who taught the Our Garden class quilt.  I didn't make it to this class so it was nice to see what everyone had done in it.  This one has a different setting than the way I did mine.


And now for Freddy & Gwen's quilts!  One of the great things about something like this is seeing these quilts up close.  We all have the books with these quilts in them, but it's different in person.  


Gwen was a hoot!  She has so many great stories and jokes.


Freddy was a little bit under the weather with a voice that she couldn't raise, but she was also wonderful to see.  This spikes quilt is so intriguing.   Lots to look at there!  In fact, lets have another look at it.  Below you can see missing points, floating points, that yellow strip added to make short points long enough, pieced points, backward points, alternate colors.  What wondrous possibilities!



These two are some of the "Parts Department" quilts.  So many ideas to draw from.


These sweet little Gwenny's baskets were quite an inspiration to me as you'll see in the next post.  Freddy pointed out the color substitutions in the backgrounds on some of the baskets.  You don't notice them until you look, but with this sort of quilt, it's so interesting it keeps your eye moving.


The next quilt is one of the newest.  The binding isn't even finished.  I like the wide parts of the strata- makes the quilt faster and makes a bold statement.


After that there was some show and tell by guild members.  The next quilt is just fabulous, isn't it?  I love the center applique with the flowers and birds, the outer spike border is just fabulous and the pieced bottom is genius.  I can't remember who did this quilt- perhaps Tonye?  Edited to add:  Sarah has reminded me that the quilt below was made by Jean Wells.


And lastly, some of Freddy's chickens.  So cute!  This quilt was made with a block contest in the guild.  The gal who won the blocks put them together.  I like that they are not marching along in a straight row.  What a great idea for a way to use the fillers.  


Well, there's lots more to come.  It was a fabulous 6 days, but I sure paid for it afterwards.  There was just so much cleaning and paperwork and clutter to put away.  On top of that, I've got a carpel tunnel problem.  Knitting is out altogether.  I can machine sew, so there has been some piecing going on around all the real work.  The computer is also a place where it flares up.  I see my doctor this week.  Yuck- I really don't want to have another medical issue to deal with.  Anyway, stay tuned for more this week!