Posies is Done!


Collaborative Chicks #4:: Posies is done!  I love this one so much.  The colors are just right and the pots were fun to make.  I even enjoyed what seemed like many hours of yo-yo making (while listening to my new sci fi audio series- The Ender Saga).  


The buttons were some that I just happened to have in my button stash.  They are hand-dyed and were perfect for this quilt.   I'm so glad I checked, because I was thinking I'd have to go out looking for buttons.  I got the last posies put on earlier today while the sun blazed and the temps got up to the mid 50's.  It's been a gorgeous weekend and we just really needed to get out in it, so we took a long afternoon walk in the neighborhood.  


I just realized that the colors in this photo echo the colors in the quilt.  I've got two more bindings to finish and two tops to complete before Thursday.  I think I can do it, but it'll be a push.  Better get back to work!