Little Quilts


Just in case you were wondering what the winners received, these two little mini quilts were the prizes.   I also sent a skein of sock yarn with the second one.  The first you might remember from way back a couple of years ago when I took a class with Jean Wells, of the Stitchin' Post.  That piece was sitting in my drawer ready for something to happen to it.  I layered and machine quilted it in no time.  The second was was made from some leftover fungly blocks.  Both were fun to do and I got to try out some new machine quilting skills I learned a couple of weeks ago.   

It's been warm here (50's warm, not 70's warm), so I've had some chances to walk in the gorgeous sunshine.  We've also had another birthday (Mark's) and some very busy regular days.  This Saturday is my quilt guild's board retreat.  It's just a one day thing, but I'm really looking forward to sewing with my new guild friends.  Should be fun!