Ryan's Quilt


I'm still not happy with the photos.  This low winter light makes it hard to show the true colors, but at least you can see the quilting.  







I really love everything about this quilt.  It's free machine pieced and free hand quilted, with inspiration by Gwen Marston and Lazy Gal Tonya Ricucci.  Though you can't see it in these photos, I used three different colors of quilt thread~ red, turquoise and lime green.  I mixed it up depending on the color of the patches I was sewing on.  I used to try to hide the quilting by using a thread color that was the same as the fabric.  I don't bother with that now.  If I'm going to go through all the work to hand quilt, I want the stitches to show!  Even though my stitches aren't perfect, and after 18 years of doing it aren't likely to get any better, I think they should stand out.  This quilt will be hanging in the Sisters Quilt Show this year, so look for it if you make it here for that!