Make-A-Wish Chloe!


Chloe's birthday was a lot of fun.  We had a delicious lunch at her favorite cafe, The Sparrow Bakery.  Then shopping for new Converses (because you know Who wears them) and jeans.  Big news there is that it was her first time buying jeans that were not kids' sizes!  For those who don't know Chloe has suffered from a growth hormone deficiency and two years ago she had stopped growing at 4' 8".  After two years of daily shots she has grown 6", beating our hopes of getting to 5'.  

We finished the evening with a meal at her other favorite restaurant, Zydeco, and the Live in HD cinema showing of Prairie Home Companion.  What a treat that was!  We've seen the show 3 times in person, but the camera work on this made it totally worth going.  You got great up close views of all cast members, musicians and the wonderful sound effects men.  We even sent in a greeting to be read on the show.  It didn't get picked, but is on the PHC website about 3/4 of the way down.  

On another note, way back in December I mentioned our trip to Atlanta, but never did say why we went.  The trip was very special because Chloe was chosen for a Make-A-Wish trip!  Her wish was to see  Alton Brown of the Food Network shows Good Eats and Iron Chef.  She specifically wanted to see the set of Good Eats and to meet Alton. 

 The Make-A-Wish Foundation really does an incredible job on fulfilling wishes.  The official wish day included a limo ride to the studio and 5 hours there with a tour and time to watch filming.  We even got to eat lunch with the staff of the show.  We took lots of photos on the set of Good Eats, but due to the arrangement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation we are not supposed to post them online.  In order to stay in the good graces of the Food Network, I'll just post a link to Chloe's wish story.  I wonder what wish she was making last night as she blew out her birthday candle?