Scrabble's got a brand new sweater


This pattern is a free one I found on Ravelry called the Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dog Sweater.  It was easy to do until I got to the added on edging in the back.  I finally made it work and look nice, but it was a pain.  I much prefer patterns with little or no finishing.


Anyhoo, it fits him well and will be really warm.  We took it for a test drive walk this morning.  It was pretty cold ~ about 35 degrees, despite the sun you see here.



Next up in the dog sweater realm is the Soho Cable pattern that Mr Jeffries has made so popular.  I finally got the pattern from Lion Brand.  It's not free and not downloadable despite what Ravelry says.  I complained about that (download-ability) with no answer from the company.  I mean really- $4 for shipping a piece of paper that cost $4 to buy??? That's outrageous.  I plan to use the pattern repeatedly for a price like that.