Savory Sixteen


Today is Chloe's 16th birthday!  As a cheese lover she decided that a savory sixteen party would be more in keeping with her personality than a sweet sixteen.  She made plans long ago for a swim party followed by a cheese tasting, pizza and cakes decorated like pizza.  Then, at Christmas her plans were delayed by her medical issues which meant she was on IV nutrition for 6 weeks. 


Now she's back to eating but with recovering from surgery she won't be swimming or eating big meals for a while.  So we are taking it easy, but having some of her favorite foods as well.  We started off with waffles for breakfast (served on a plate Chloe made a little while ago) and will have homemade pizza for dinner.  Ryan wants to make a chocolate cake so we'll be doing that this afternoon.  We'll still be doing that savory party, but in a couple of months.


I have three gifts in the works for Chloe, but didn't finish a single one.  Good thing she's not upset about that.  The quilt she's holding up above is one that I made for no one in particular, but I was working in my sewing room last week and talking about quilts with her and said she could pick one to be hers.  She chose this one.  It's all basted and ready to hand quilt.  I've also got a scarf and some socks going.  The scarf is a modified version of Forbes Forest by Kathy Zimmerman from Scarf Style.  The yarn is Crystal Palace Merino 5.  I just took out the middle motif because the scarf was wide enough without it.


The socks are Batholemew's Tantalizing Socks (view is of the front and back) from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters.  The yarn is a mediumweight Socks that Rock mill end.  I think the socks may be done first.  Meanwhile she got a few other things including a gift certificate to Blurb.  Can't wait to see what she does with that!  Happy Birthday my sweet and savory girl!