Happy Valentine's Day!

We've already had a very full day and Mark and I haven't even gone out for our Valentine's dinner yet!  Today the kids and I went up to Mt. Bachelor for a snowshoe tour and snow tubing.  What a blast!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time.  In this photo, to the left is South Sister and to the right is Broken Top. 

We had some fun last night making our Valentines.  I was so glad to have a few hours to work on them as it's become a tradition.  Earlier in the week I thought we might not have time.  By the way, on Tuesday I went with my mom to see a showing of the documentary, The Breast Cancer Diaries. It was really great and I'm glad we went.  I highly recommend it if it is ever showing in your neck of the woods.  Anyway, we made Valentines and Ryan did so great!  He is showing more of an inclination for arts and crafts lately.  I wrote out the names of those he wanted to make them for and he copied the names.  Actually his hand writing has improved tremendously.  I think he made about three Valentines for his favorite puppy!

Chloe made a beautiful pop-up Valentine for her grandparents.

I made bookmarks for everyone.

I had a couple of hours the other morning to work on Better Not Pout.  Tonya sent out a motivation post over at the Lazy Gal Winter Class blog and I felt like I ought to get going on it.  I decided to use the Christmas tree picture that Ryan did on the left.  The Santa on the right will be appliqued and embroidered onto the circle of white fabric.  I think I'll probably use buttons for the baubles on the tree.  In the center, if you look closely, is a green truck (I think) and I might see if I can find a truck button for it.  I also have some other ideas about how to do the truck, but that can wait until the quilting is done.

Lastly, here are some dragon eggs made by Chloe's Campfire group.  Aren't they cool!  They blew out the eggs and hot glued them onto the skewers.  Then some of them applied the hot glue in swirls on the eggs and lastly they were spray painted.  I think they are gorgeous.  This would be so much fun to do for Easter eggs.