One More

After I finished that little pink Baby Surprise Jacket I realized it wouldn't be too hard to make one with some leftovers for Dulaan.  I knew the Dulann items were due soon and I was waiting for Chloe to finish the Dulaan scarf she was doing, so I cast on for a BSJ in some Lamb's Pride worsted.  My goodness, this one is so cute I can hardly stand it!  I love the stripes perhaps even more than the gorgeous variegations of the other two I've made.

And, just for fun, here's the size comparison photo.  On the bottom we have a BSJ with Lamb's Pride worsted, size 8 needles and I would guess a 2T size.  The middle one is made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd worsted, size 6 needles and about a 12 m size.  The littlest one is Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock medium weight (colorway Fairgrounds- Tammy reminded me!), size 3 needles and newborn size.

I'd also like to say that one thing I love about the BSJ is that due to it's rectangular construction (albeit an oddly shaped rectangle), variegated yarns work up wonderfully with no pooling!  Also, stripes come out fabulous if you are using up leftovers and that's great because you are always knitting symmetrically in this pattern and you don't have to make sure to save yarn to make the sleeves match up as you might for a sweater made with traditional construction.