Scarfing Along

Here are a couple of other FO's from the past few weeks.  One is the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I really love this scarf and the interplay of the two colors of Socks that Rock, mediumweight.  This is Moss Agate and Monsoon.

I still have about half a ball each of the two colors so I will probably make another scarf, but next time I'm thinking about doing a moebius style scarf sort of like the one below.  This neckwarmer is made from my leftovers from these mitts.  It's a handspun from Tanglewood Fibers and I just love it.  I wanted to be sure it would be used in a special project.  Since I knew I didn't have enough for a full scarf I combined it with another worsted weight wool that I will have to get the name of tomorrow.  I alternated the two yarns every three rounds (3 rounds K, 3 rounds P).  Because of the nature of the moebius, this means that you can see one yarn better on each half of each side.  

Moebius Scarf.JPG

I can't seem to stop myself with these meobius scarves just yet.  I just finished another one that will have to remain a mystery for now because it's a gift.  I have at least three others in the works.  These make wonderful gifts because they are such simple knitting but really are a big bang when gifted.  "Wow!  How did you make that???"  Also, you can make a scarf such as this with 2-300 yards which is great for those special skeins you don't really know what else to do with.