New Favorite

I bought the pattern and yarn for this bag at the Magical Moebius Weekend and started it the last night we were there.  It is my new favorite bag and I'm loving it! 

As far as I know, Nancy's shop may be the only one carrying the pattern and it's not listed online that I can see, so if you are interested contact Nancy directly. 

It's a moebius design made with Cat's moebius cast on.  The bag is widened by using short rows and lots of stitch markers.  Nancy was so sweet when I was starting this and didn't have enough different types of stitch markers to use (you need a bunch of different ones to keep all the bag sections separate).  She said, "wait a minute" and came back with a little pack of markers specially made for this pattern.  She said I could have them for free as they were a prototype and she just knew they were meant for me!  How sweet!

I finished this one just in time for our homeschooling conference and wore it the whole time.  I thought the wool might be too itchy on the hot days, but it never was.  We'll see what it's like in the true summer time.  The yarn is Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Aran which is simply yummy to knit with and felts beautifully.  This colorway is called Woodland, though I saw another dyelot of this colorway that was quite different.  This yarn comes in a huge skein and was supposed to be enough to finish the whole bag.  I ran out half way through the I-cord bind off.  This wasn't so bad though because I got some more of my favorite Manos del Uruguay green and used that for the bind off.  I think the color complements the bag quite well.  Also, the two yarns felted together beautifully which was lucky for me.  Now I have some extra Manos, but that's no hardship!