Camp Cockamamie- No whales, but plenty of fun!

Camp Cockamamie continues...  Please excuse the long absence.  I took the kids to a homeschooling conference last weekend and when we got back there was so much to do to recover from all the traveling.  We are home for a while now and I am feeling much better, so without further ado...

On the second day of camp we had a whale watch scheduled.  I had told the Sockateers that we weren't going, but at the last minute we dragged the kids out of bed, threw some snacks in a bag and drove down to the dock.  Luckily, there was room for us.  We had a good time and the day started with beautiful weather.   On the left you can see the only whale that was spotted on the trip (Chloe's little knitted one- isn't it cute?).

We saw lots of Bald Eagles, though we didn't get a good picture of them.  The biggest highlight was this rock covered with Stellar's Sea Lions.  We got close enough to hear the bellowing, roaring and growling.

I did some knitting too.  I didn't get very far though because we spent a lot of time with binoculars looking at birds and trying to find whales.  One of the other highlights of the tour was Cat's every-so-often comments about the islands.  She's hilarious and has lots of crazy anecdotes. 

The day continued with an underwater knitting contest (no photos allowed!) and a concert by Orcas Island historian and musician, Christopher Peacock.  This was a really lovely addition to the program and it was a treat to meet Christopher as Mark has been a fan of his for a very long time.  We had a tour of the music room and the library and theater in the balcony above.

The last day started bright and early with a class with Stephanie.  She taught us how to knit a pair of socks with only our yarn and needles, no pattern needed. 

After lunch we had our final class which was all about community knitting.  We learned how to make a blanket with 4 knitters knitting at once.  How cool is that?  I ended up bringing our tribe's blanket home to finish with knitting friends here.  That way, we can deliver it to the children's hospital during Chloe's next trip to Portland to see her doctors.

That afternoon there were two more contests that were tons of fun.  First there was the paired up, one handed knitting.  This was hilarious to see.  Look at the concentration on the faces of the participants!

And, here are the winners!  Man, could they knit fast. 

Lastly, Stephanie and Cat had a knit-off!  What a riot! 

Yoga pose...

Friday evening we had a delicious seafood buffet and then they kicked us out of the dining room and sent us back to the conference hall for our final evening's entertainment.  First off, the Dixie Chicks sang the camp song. 

Then there was a fashion show.  The loveliest must have been Nathania in an incredible shawl.

And finally, here's Chloe, who joined the group for this last event and even took a trip down the runway to show off her knitted animals.  It was a very fun experience and I can't wait to go back to Orcas Island!

Chloe shows off her knitting.JPG