High Desert Museum

I discovered Cloth Paper Scissors last year on our big road trip and started buying the issues in stores.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago I decided to get all the back issues (6 of them) and also order a subscription.  This is truly an amazing and incredibly inspiring magazine. 

One of the issues described how to make dyed paper.  I used paper towels and some rice paper, but I'd like to try it again with other papers.   I created some with dye ink re-inkers mixed with water, pearlescent inks, and gold liquid acrylic paint. They are really pretty.  I haven't used any yet, so we'll have to see how I like them when I actually use them!

I also made a few ATC's yesterday and tried making an altered photograph.  It was so much fun and made a really wonderful card.  I will post that soon and will do more so I can post a tutorial about that too.

Our visit with my brother's family ended on a low note.  My brother and his wife went snowboarding and skiing (respectively) on Saturday, while my parents and I took all the cousins to the High Desert Museum.  We were having a wonderful time, when we got the call that David was hurt and Anna couldn't drive a stick shift, so they needed help.  My parents left the kids with me and went to get them.  As it turned out, David broke one wrist and the opposite elbow!  Poor guy, I felt so sorry for him.  I hope that his recovery is speedy and uneventful. 

Meanwhile, the kids and I had a marvelous day.  It was about 65 degrees here in Bend, so it was a great day to be outdoors.