Another Cooking Experiment

Chloe's been in the kitchen so much lately it's hard to keep up.  The other day she wanted to make some naan to go with some leftover Indian food we had.  We discovered that you need plain yogurt for naan, but it was late and we had only vanilla yogurt.  She decided to make chapatis which didn't call for yogurt.  They came out a little dense, though she liked them. 

I got some plain yogurt since then, so she decided to make the naan last night.  The dough was really nice, but we had some trouble with the first few.  I think because she turned them on the griddle rather than cooking them only one side. 

They should be cooked on one side, then put under a broiler to puff for a minute.  Anyway, the first few weren't so good and didn't puff, but the last ones came out pretty good.

Yum!  I had mine with butter and honey because the Indian food was gone by then!