Trekking along to Alder Springs

Yesterday, the weather turned nicer and my dad, Ryan and I took a hike to Alder Springs just northeast of Sisters.  You hike through the junipers and sage down into a canyon where Alder Creek springs from and flows to Wychus Creek.  It's a beautiful little oasis in the high desert.  My Trekking #68 socks got to see the lovely views. 

It was very curious at first that when I pulled out my knitting neither of the guys mentioned how weird that was and why I was taking photos.  I thought that they were just so used to my knitting that it could appear any time.  Later my dad said he thought it was weird, but he didn't want to say anything!

Wychus Creek.  You are supposed to ford the river here and continue, but it was too high and flowing too fast for us to attempt.


This trip was lots of fun.  I think Ryan may be my hiking companion this summer!