Moody Greens

My May Project Spectrum quilt is taking shape and (yay!) I've had enough quilting time to make some real progress this week.  I've decided to do a green version of Kaffe Fassett's Moody Blues from his book, Passionate Patchwork.  I've admired this quilt pattern for a long time, but had forgot about it when I was perusing my books.  Luckily, I remembered it in time. 

Moody Greens has the right proportion of color that I'd been looking for.  Basically, this pattern doesn't look to value change for it's contrast, but rather to color.  So the greens are mostly similar in value. The greens are supposed to blend together and the little bright corners stand out.  I've got 64 blocks planned for this one.

Lastly, I was struck by the way my Rainforest Jasper socks looking in my Birkis and couldn't help taking a photo to show you.  I love my birkis and these socks feel so good!  Very happy feet here!