PS: Yellow and Orange

I tried my darndest, but just couldn't make much headway on my Project Spectrum quilt this month.  I had very little free time this month and quilting is a do at home project for me. 

Anyway, I do have some photos of what did get done.  For this month I planned a quilt using all the yellow and orange scraps I have.   I wanted to do a wonky version of Chinese Coins, so I randomly cut the scraps into slight wedge shapes that are different lengths.  The pieces that were too short were sewn together in similar colors to make the same length wedges.  I've started piecing the wedges and this is what they'll sort of look like.  Meanwhile I've got lots more sewing to do.  I'll straighten up these strips and sew them to vertical strips about 3 to 4 inches wide.  Those strips will probably also be pieced.  My plan is to use up what I have and not buy any fabric for binding or backing.  I may need to buy batting.

Finally, here are some more photos from Costa Rica showing this month's PS colors.  I'm looking forward to May's green and have plenty of green Costa Rica photos, so more to come!