Project Spectrum

So far the KO sweater has only a few inches on the back, though I have knit almost the first whole ball of yarn.  I figure I have to do 1 ball, plus a bit more each day to make the sweater in 16 days.  Of course, I've already got some hand and wrist pain (not sure if that was from the socks I did this week or the sweater) so I'm taking a break from knitting.  I'm going to take the kids down to Winterfest for a bit this afternoon where we'll be able to see ice sculpture carving and hear some good music. 

I've been thinking ahead to Project Spectrum.  I have decided to concentrate on quilting for my projects and more specifically on Kaffe Fassett prints.  His sense of color is amazing and sometimes I wish I could live in such a colorful world.  We do have a long hallway outside the kid's rooms that has the most room for hanging quilts of anywhere in the house.  It's got some colorful batik quilts, and I want to add more.  The goal of Project Spectrum is to celebrate colors in our lives and each month to concentrate on one or two colors. 

March - Red and Pink

April - Orange and Yellow

May - Green

June - Blue

July - Violet / Purple

August - Neutrals / Black & White