Gift time!

I got a surprise email from kpixie today which was a gift certificate from my Secret Pal!  I hadn't shopped there before, so it took a while of going through everything numerous times to make a decision.  I thought about books, patterns and some yarns I've had before, but, in the end, ordered enough skeins of South West Trading Company's Karaoke to make another Clapotis!  It is a gorgeous blue, purple, green colorway with longer color repeats reminiscent of Noro.  The yarn is made from soy silk and wool.  I've never used soy silk so I'm really curious to see how it feels in the hand.  Thank you so much Secret Pal!!

Now, here's a poem for Grace's Poppies.  Better late than never!  This poem is by my daughter, Chloe.  You can see more of her poems on her blog.

The dusty old pictures,
Hang on the wall.
Unseen for ages,
Un-touched for centuries,
The subjects forgotten.
No one has known these souls,
For many a year.
No one has glimpsed these old,
And young,
Faces of time.
They hang on the wall,
Staring ahead,
Just waiting,
For someone to come.