Botanics Quilt

One of my favorite finishes this spring is this quilt called Botanics.  It's one of Carolyn Friedlander's designs.   As you probably know, I don't use patterns very much, but there's something about Carolyn's design sensibility that is really attractive. I especially love her applique designs.  I started this one after the Slow Stitching Retreat I took with her in 2015.  I used prints from Carolyn's collections and appliqued them to an orange chambray.   The middle had been finished and it was stored for a couple of years when I decided to finish it.  I added an outer border, layered it and started hand quilting this April.  I love how it came out!


I had finished the middle quilting at this point, but decided to add more radiating lines for a bit denser quilting.  If you look closely you'll see it's not perfectly symmetrical, but who cares?  This is my new favorite cuddle quilt in the living room.


A Special Gift

This is my sister Cheryl (of Silly Dog Art Glass) who had a special birthday in June.  I made this cat quilt for her with a technique new to me, but lots of fun.  This design is from the book Crazy Favorite Things by Janet Nesbitt of One Sister Designs.  I won the book at a guild meeting and within a week had this piece done, including hand quilting.  This piecing method seems to be somewhere between a pattern and liberated piecing.  If you have only used patterns before you might find it a nice way to dip your toe in the liberated water, so to speak.  

Autumn Meadow


I have been busy this spring and early summer!  Here's another challenge project for this year.  This time it's the local Central Oregon SAQA group challenge with the theme "Threads that Bind".  I really didn't have any good ideas that fit the theme exactly, but it did sound like one of those quilt challenges where anything goes, so I decided to just do whatever I wanted.  


This quilt was created in a roundabout way and if I were to do it again I'd probably do something different.  In this case, I got together a bunch of green silks and cut strips that I pieced for the background.  I then layered them with batting and backing and quilted the heck out of it with dense straight line machine quilting.  This piece measures 18" x 40" (our standard size for these SAQA challenges), so it was very easy to do that quilting.  I put on an audio book and just stitched away for a few hours.


I decided that it would be an abstract meadow, so I added the silk stems with machine stitching.  When I was at QuiltCon this year I picked up some kantha quilt scraps at one of the vendors.  These scraps were so beautiful and truthfully, I was kind of horrified to see the vendor cutting up perfectly good kantha quilts for this, but in the end I was glad to get those scraps and decided to use them for something special.  I cut them again into the flower and leaf shapes and hand appliqued them to the completed top.  Did I mention that sometimes I don't fully think things through??? 

Well, that was a horrible idea.  It was really hard on my hands and wrists to try to hand sew through all that.  In the end, I did complete the hand stitching, but it took a long time.  My original plan had been to hand embroider over the flowers and stems to add some texture and color, but the experience of the hand applique cured me of that notion right away.  I knew I had to do something.

2018 SAQA Autumn Meadow (11).JPG

I decided I'd machine stitch some defining lines on the leaves and flowers, but when I did that the edges started to stick up and it did NOT look good.  Horrors!  I finally decided to machine stitch around each piece I had hand appliqued.  The hand stitching was mostly obliterated, but it got the job done.

In the middle of the kerfuffle I came to hate this piece and that's one reason it sat on the design wall taunting me.  In the end it actually came together beautifully and I really like the result.  Sometimes we just have to suffer for our art, don't we?

I proudly machine stitched my name to the front, added a facing using my favorite technique  by Terry Aske.  I added a handwritten label and a sleeve and it was finally done.  Whew!

This SAQA exhibition will debut at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this July 14.  I wasn't able to attend the quilt reveal, but the SAQA special exhibit is always one of the best, so check it out if you're there!

2018 SAQA Autumn Meadow (14).JPG

New Work in the Shop

Etsy Birthday Sale June 2018 (2).JPG

I have finished several slow cloth pieces to add to the shop.  A couple have sold already, so if you're interested, please check it out soon.  Speaking of the shop, I've also added a bunch of new items including original paintings, hand painted greeting cards, stickers, printed greeting cards, and some hand stitched wearable art cuffs.  As a reminder, handmade blank art journals, project bags, and pillow covers can be found in my KMS Handmade shop.  I have changed all shipping options to free for domestic shipping and a small upcharge for Canada and Everywhere Else.  I hope that makes it easier for those outside the US to purchase from my shops.  If you feel so moved, I'd love it if you'd share my shop info with friends.  Thank you!

***Free Domestic Shipping in Both Shops***
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Etsy Birthday Sale June 2018 (3).JPG

These handmade cuffs were fun to make with vintage linens and some hand embroidery.  Check them out in the shop to see all sides.  

2018 Slow Cloth Finishes.JPG
Night Tree detail

Night Tree detail

2018 Night Tree (4).JPG
2018 Night Tree (8).JPG
2018 Night Tree (6).JPG
2018 Night Tree (9).JPG
2018 Night Tree (11).JPG
2018 Night Tree (12).JPG
2018 Night Tree (14).JPG
2018 Night Tree (15).JPG
2018 Night Tree (16).JPG
Sail Away detail

Sail Away detail

2018 Sail Away (6).JPG
Cloth Weaving Sampler

Cloth Weaving Sampler

Pink Silk

Pink Silk



2018 Sunflower (2).JPG
Sunrise over Haleakala

Sunrise over Haleakala