Uppercase Magazine Feature


A couple of months ago I got a message from Janine at Uppercase Magazine asking if she could feature my folk art cat painting in the next issue. Of course I said yes! It’s such a colorful, lively page and I’m honored to be there along with other wonderful artists including Mogg Shop because I own a couple of her paintings myself.

The issue just arrived in hands all over the world and I realized that it’s poor timing on my part because my shop is on holiday until July 15. Never fear though, that cat painting and several others will be available as soon as my shop opens. Shop links are in the header.


Good Vibrations

2019 Good Vibrations, 44” x 46”

2019 Good Vibrations, 44” x 46”

The past month has been quite busy in the quilt department as I worked hard to complete several quilts for shows. The first one I want to share is called Good Vibrations and was made to submit to the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall.

2019 Good Vibrations   (2).JPG

This piece started out as the center section which was made with leftovers from Rhythm of the Rails two years ago. I put together the leftovers in a medallion style and then it hung on the design wall for two years. Sometimes things just need to marinate I guess! Anyway, I realized the submission date was only a week out and wondered if I could make something in that time frame. Starting with partial top, even though it was only about 18’ square, was a little kick in the pants to get me going.

2019 Good Vibrations   (3).JPG

I gathered likely fabrics and started cutting strips to no particular size, then started sewing them together. Then I cut and sewed, and cut and sewed, ad infinitum.

2019 Good Vibrations   (4).JPG

Usually when I make a quilt I have plenty of time to consider possible names, but this one was going so quickly I had a hard time deciding on something. I do always feel like this type of improv makes me feel like it’s a musical rhythm. It’s also a bit jazzy as there are unexpected notes every now and then. I was posting about it on Instagram when I got a comment that the quilt was “vibratory” and that’s what clicked and made me think of Good Vibrations. I think it’s the perfect name because it really is all about the joy of creation.

2019 Good Vibrations   (5).JPG

Improvisation is all about saying yes to the possibilities and this quilt represents the pure joy in that. Enjoy!

2019 Good Vibrations   (6).JPG
2019 Good Vibrations   (7).JPG
2019 Good Vibrations   (8).JPG
2019 Good Vibrations   (9).JPG

Our Dear Scrabble

Scrabble, 2004 to 2019

Scrabble, 2004 to 2019

It’s been a rough couple of months, but it’s time to get this blog rolling again. It all started in late April when I got really sick while on a trip to California. I was there for the SAQA conference, but only managed to make it to one morning of talks. By the time I got home a couple of days later I could barely breathe for coughing. Then, later that week our sweet little Scrabble took a turn for the worse (he had a heart murmur) and we had to put him down. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I still miss him like crazy. I haven’t had such a hard time with a pet’s death since my childhood dog died. I think about him every day and can’t believe he’s not underfoot and ready for hugs.

As time went on my cough actually got worse and I am sure I had bronchitis at least and possibly pneumonia which I’ve had several times before. It took many weeks to recover from the cough and exhaustion. In the meantime we were still trying to get ready to put our house on the market and also make decisions about the new house we are building. It was exhausting to try to get it all done while recovering from my illness and dealing with grief. Then, just as we were getting a handle on things a couple of weeks ago my sister had surgery for a burst appendix and I was visiting the hospital for several days. Thankfully, she’s home and recuperating well.

Our house is now tidied up and on the market and we are getting on top of the decisions that need to be made for the new one. We hope to be moving in by late August or September. While I’ve kept up with hand stitching, knitting, and spinning (easy activities to do while recuperating) I hadn’t really had much studio time. As it turns out though, deadlines don’t disappear just because life is crazy. So, in the past couple of weeks I’ve also managed to finish my guild challenge quilt (it’s secret for now) and work on my SAQA challenge quilt which is due in a couple of weeks. I even got out an old WIP which is getting exciting again. I’m looking forward to getting back to regular posting again soon!

Only One Earth

2017 Only One Earth

2017 Only One Earth

On this Earth Day it bears repeating. We have only one earth and the fact that some people don’t cherish that remarkable fact drives me crazy.

This quilt is completely hand embroidered and hand quilted. The words are my own. I have entered it into four shows and it’s made it into just one. I hope it will be shown locally in the future, because I’d like to spread the word. But, truthfully, if it never makes it into another show I will always treasure this one that came straight from the heart.

There is only one Earth~ this beautiful big blue marble.
Teach the children that science matters and climate change is real.
This land is our land. Clean air and clean water are the birthright of all generations.
We must maintain biodiversity, cherish our natural wonders, and live gently upon the Earth.
Speak for the trees.
Protect our pollinators.
Celebrate wildlife.
Protect the oceans.
Respect nature.
Love your planet.
There is only one Earth.
There is only one Earth.
There is only one Earth.
There is only one Earth.
one Earth
one Earth
one Earth
one Earth

2017 Only One Earth (2).JPG
2017 Only One Earth (6).JPG
2017 Only One Earth (5).JPG
2017 Only One Earth (9).JPG
2017 Only One Earth (10).JPG