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My handy-dandy raffle picker (aka Ryan) was pleased to choose two winners of the Curated Quilts Calendar raffle. Congratulations to Beth and Bobbie! Bobbie, please contact me with the contact page on this blog and send your mailing address so I can get yours sent off tomorrow.

I had such fun reading the comments in the last post. The thing that struck me is that there was so much variety in the responses. I often think I’m guilty of being all over the place when it comes to making stuff, but apparently everyone likes something a little different anyway. Thank you all for playing along with this little game. I appreciate every single one of you!

Giveaway :: 2019 Curated Quilts Calendar

2019 Curated Quilts Calendar (3).JPG

Oh happy day! I am so pleased to have my quilt, Las Ventanas, in the new 2019 Curated Quilts calendar. This lovely calendar is printed on the same matte finish paper as the CQ magazine and is constructed in such a way that the quilt photos can later be cut out and framed if desired. See more calendar quilts or purchase one here: Curated Quilts Magazine.

My copies have finally arrived and I’d like to giveaway two of them to two lucky winners. If you would like to be in on the giveaway, please comment once below and tell me what is your favorite item in either of my shops. The giveaway is open to US destinations only. Feel free to let your friends know about the giveaway. Comments close on Thursday at 5 pm (Pacific time). I will be choosing two names from the hat on Thursday night so I can ship on Friday. I will be going on vacation next week, so final shop orders will also go out on Friday. Thanks and good luck!

**** Please note, I have no way to contact you directly from Squarespace. If you enter the contest, please put your email address in the comments separated by spaces (ie- name @ OR, if you prefer to keep your email private, be on the look out for a blog post Thursday evening. If I don’t hear from the winners by 8 pm Thursday I’ll have to choose other names. Thanks!

2019 Curated Quilts Calendar (2).JPG
2019 Curated Quilts Calendar (1).JPG

New in Shop :: Holiday Trailers Ornament Embroidery Kit

2018 Trailer Ornament Kit (16).JPG

I’m so pleased to announce my newest embroidered ornament kit. This one is called Holiday Trailers. I had such fun stitching them as I tried to come up with ways to make them unique. We are trailer fans and have had some sort of RV for at least 20 years. Currently, we have an Airstream trailer so that was my inspiration for the 3rd one in the photo above. I decided to use some silver metallic thread for that one. It’s included in the kit, but metallic thread can be difficult to use, so using just the gray thread works fine too. I hope you’ll check them out!

2018 Trailer Ornament Kit (15).JPG
2018 Trailer Ornament Kit (3).JPG

New In Shop :: You Are My Sunshine

Sunshine Patches (11).JPG

You are my Sunshine is one of my favorite songs! Long, long ago my husband gave the nickname Sunshine to my mom and so it’s significant for that, but it was also a favorite song we’d sing when my children were very young. For Star Trek fans, there was that scene where Seven-of-Nine sang it to the Doctor. It was quite lovely.

When I was making those block printed ornaments a couple of weeks ago, I also made these You Are My Sunshine patches from my hand carved block. They are created with white textile ink on hand dyed indigo linen patches (6.5 inches square). Each one is unique with varying values of indigo and patterns of dye. These would be fantastic for quilt block centers, quilt labels, ornaments, patches on garments, etc. The textile ink is supposed to be washable, though I haven’t tested it.

I have stitched on some of the patches and will be using them in future projects that will likely be for sale. I think I’ll make some into zipper bags.

Sunshine Patches (9).JPG
Sunshine Patches (10).JPG

I also made one into an ornament. This is black ink on natural linen and is available in the shop. Thanks for looking!

New In Shop :: Block Printed Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments (2).JPG

A couple of weeks ago I played around with block printing on fabric with textile ink. I ended up making a bunch of these fabric ornaments from my hand carved stamp. There are several versions of the red one as I was decided on what colors I liked best for stitching. In the end I prefer the simple white thread. However, there are many unstitched ones as well for those who prefer just the ink.

Most of the green ones are unstitched, though if you really wanted them stitched, you can let me know and I’ll do a special listing.

Also, you can do the stitching yourself if you want to. The unstitched ones cost 1/2 as much, so it’s a cost saver and not hard to do because there’s batting in the middle. You’d just need to hide your knots as in hand quilting.

light green thread

light green thread

multi colored threads

multi colored threads

Do you recognize this pattern from my Christmas cards? There are still some of these in the shop. You might make a nice little hostess gift with a hand printed card and ornament to go with it.