Winter Stitching

Chicken Bag

Chicken Bag

A very Happy New Year to you. Sorry for the long delay in posting. I have been doing some studio work, mainly these three hand embroidered bags which are in the shop now (see all three below). All started with some hand dyed indigo fabric (vintage linen in the chicken bag and new linen in the two zipper bags). I then went through my vast collection of hand stitching threads and stitched in a very intuitive manner. For each area of the bags the thread type, thread color and stitch pattern was decided as I went along. it’s a very freeing way to work and leads to surprises. I wanted to weed out some threads that aren’t my favorite to work with and I did set aside quite a bit to pass along to friends. Now my favorite threads are all sorted and organized and easy to find.

What makes a good thread? That totally depends on the stitcher’s comfort level, the stitching substrate, the visual effect, tactile pleasure, and the desired thread composition. In the past I have had been introduced to all sorts of unusual threads, especially by Sue Spargo. Some of them are best for working on wool because it’s more loosely woven than cotton. However, since I am doing so many pieces on cotton I decided to weed out those that don’t meet these criteria:

  • natural fiber composition (mainly cotton and silk)

  • thread size (too thick and every stitch becomes a struggle, too thin and the stitches don’t have the desired impact)

  • ease of stitching (will differ for each individual)

  • tactile pleasure (differs for each stitcher)

  • visual effect (personal preference)

As I get older I have more issues of pain in my hands and wrists and I have to be mindful whenever I do handwork. The threads I decided to keep make my handwork time pleasant, comfortable and visually exciting. I thought I’d make a list of various threads from most liked to least. Perhaps it will be helpful for you, whether you are just starting out in embroidery or you are a long time enthusiast.

Favorites top to bottom : Presencia Finca perle cotton (8), WonderFil perle cotton (8) (solid and variegated), Valdani perle cotton (8 ) (also 12), Soie et silk thread, DMC embroidery thread.

Favorites top to bottom : Presencia Finca perle cotton (8), WonderFil perle cotton (8) (solid and variegated), Valdani perle cotton (8 ) (also 12), Soie et silk thread, DMC embroidery thread.

My favorite threads are:

  • Finca by Presencia size 8 perle cotton (I only have one spool, but it’s very nice)

  • Valdani size 8 and 12 perle cottons (solids and variegated threads are all fabulous)

  • WonderFil Eleganza size 8 perle cotton (the variegated threads are beautiful!)

  • Soie et 100% silk 3 strand embroidery thread (swoon ***)

  • DMC 6 strand embroidery thread (yummy color selection, high quality thread, versatile since you can use any number of strands from 1-6)

***I discovered this silk thread in a sampler set sold by Superior Threads and it is the most luxurious thread I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I have only one spool of it, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more. There are other silk threads I’ve tried (Silken Pearl and others), but I didn’t like at all, so this is the only one I can recommend.

Second Favorites: Sea Grass, Silken Chenille, and Silken Ribbons

Second Favorites: Sea Grass, Silken Chenille, and Silken Ribbons

My second favorites that I plan to keep, but don’t use much are:

  • Sea Grass, 100% organic cotton tape thread (works well on cotton and wool, I like the matte finish and flat stitch effect)

  • Silken Chenille (works best on wool, especially for couching)

  • Silken Ribbon (works best on wool)

Least favorites: DMC perle cotton (8), Aurifil embroidery thread, sashiko thread

Least favorites: DMC perle cotton (8), Aurifil embroidery thread, sashiko thread

These are threads I plan to use up, but wouldn’t buy more of:

  • DMC perle cotton any size (I think these threads are more coarse than the other brands of perle cotton, also limited colors)

  • Aurifil 6 strand embroidery thread (meh, I just don’t like it as much as DMC and it’s more expensive)

  • sashiko thread (I like the matte finish, but I don’t like how thick it is, it hurts my hands to use so I’ll save it for mending jeans)

Pretty, but not for me: Bozzolo Reale silk thread, Silken Pearl, Kreinik metallic braid, WonderFil Razzle, WonderFil Dazzle, DMC perle cotton (5).

Pretty, but not for me: Bozzolo Reale silk thread, Silken Pearl, Kreinik metallic braid, WonderFil Razzle, WonderFil Dazzle, DMC perle cotton (5).

These are the threads I am getting rid of. Many of them are absolutely beautiful, but they lead to sore and tired hands and/or lots of frustration. I know many people love these threads, so take my recommendations with a grain of salt.

  • Bozzolo Reale silk thread (too slippery, too easy to tangle, frustrating to use, but beautiful to look at!)

  • Silken Pearl silk thread (too easy to tangle, stretchy, but again, absolutely beautiful!)

  • Kreinik Metallic Braid (polyester, scratchy, frustrating to use)

  • WonderFil Razzle (rayon, slippery, too shiny, frustrating to use)

  • WonderFil Dazzle (metallic rayon, slippery, too shiny, frustrating to use)

  • Perle Cottons size 5, various brands (just too thick for me, useful for tying a quilt, but I don’t need to keep it in the stash)

I’ll pass those threads to friends to try. Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean someone else won’t. If you have a favorite natural fiber embroidery thread please let me know in the comments. I am quite sure I have several lifetime’s worth of thread here, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on something great!

The chicken bag is very densely embroidered with lots of different threads. I also added some chicken patches I had set aside. It’s fully lined and has batting between so it feels very substantial.

2019 Chicken Bag (7).JPG
Stripey Indigo Zipper

Stripey Indigo Zipper

The Stripey Indigo Zipper is made from my hand dyed linen and simply stitched in vertical lines. I love the minimalist look of this one.

2019 Indigo Zipper Bag (1).JPG
2019 Indigo Zipper Bag (4).JPG
You Are My Sunshine Zipper

You Are My Sunshine Zipper

The You Are My Sunshine Zipper was also made from hand dyed indigo new linen fabric. The embroidery was done in an intuitive manner with just a few different threads. I also included one of my hand printed labels as embellishment. The cheerful polka dot lining makes me smile. All in all, it’s the perfect antidote for a rainy day.

2019 Sunshine Bag.jpg
2019 Sunshine Bag 3.jpg

Details and prices for all the bags can be found in my KMS Handmade shop.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Birthday Pie.jpg
Thanksgiving 2.jpg

Hello Friends! I hope my US readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Ours was a small family affair with my sister and her husband and our parents. Three dogs livened things up and we had a long time to relax and chat. We saw only a few snowflakes, but lots more rain. I was born on Thanksgiving, so we always celebrate my birthday on the holiday even when my actual birthday is next Monday. Birthday pie is a tradition!

2018 Christmas Goose.jpg

I have been busy with house and family this week, but have been squeezing in a bit of time to update my shops since the Christmas Goose Fair last weekend. I still have a few more of the hand stamped cards to add, but mostly the shops are as full as they will get for the holidays, unless I get a wild hair to finish items already in progress or start something new.

Lucky for you, the Etsy Cyber Week Sale is on now until Monday, November 26th. Purchase at least $50 and get 20% off. This includes everything in both shops including drawstring bags, zipper bags, handmade books, original art, ornament kits, Christmas ornaments, Christmas cards, everyday note cards and stickers, and hand stamped Moleskine journals. Unfortunately, with the way Etsy works you can’t combine items from the two shops to make up the $50, but hopefully you can find goodies in either shop to get there. No coupon needed!

Christmas Goose Holiday Fair November 16-17

Hand stamped, one-of-a-kind note cards

Hand stamped, one-of-a-kind note cards

Dear Central Oregon Friends,

My one and only holiday art fair this year is the Christmas Goose Holiday Fair this Friday (9-6) and Saturday (9-4) at St. Charles Hospital, Bend. As most of you know this fair is a fundraiser for Wendy’s Wish which provides non-medical support to cancer patients in the area. As a two time cancer survivor, it’s very close to my heart. I am unable to do the Holiday Tails Art Fair this year, but hope to be back there in 2019.

I have been getting together a wonderful collection of items: handmade and printed note cards, original watercolor and acrylic paintings, hand painted and stitched ornaments, my embroidered ornaments kits for you to DIY, and lots more. I’ll also have some of my linen drawstring pouches and zipper bags, a Christmas stocking and a Christmas quilt.

The newest items are the hand stamped note cards (both Christmas and everyday) that are made from my hand carved stamps. Each one is a little different. I’ll also have lots of printed Christmas cards and everyday note cards, stickers, note card sets and much more.

I hope to see you there! If you can’t be there I am planning to keep the Etsy shops open and see how that goes. If things get crazy I may shut the shops down for Friday and Saturday, but they will reopen as soon as possible. If you want to be sure to get something before it sells out, both shops are open currently. Thanks so much!

Original watercolor art

Original watercolor art

Printed greeting cards from my textile art

Printed greeting cards from my textile art

Hand painted ornaments

Hand painted ornaments

embroidered ornament kits to DIY

embroidered ornament kits to DIY

New In Shop :: Zipper Pouches


Brand new in the shop are these lovely linen blend zipper pouches. I made them from the leftovers from the drawstring bags I made this summer. I sent several days making different prototypes and now have a couple of favorite sizes that I’ll continue to make in the future. Because these are made with scraps, size varies a bit to make the most of what I had. Most of them have only one available, but some have 2 or more. I also have a few more to finish up, but right now there’s a nice selection in the shop (KMS Handmade). When these lovely prints are gone I have some other ideas for zipper pouches that I’ll be rolling out over the next month, just in time for holiday gifts.

We had a busy end of summer when the smoke finally cleared out and we tried to fit in all the outdoor fun we missed during the worst of the smoky days. We hiked, picnicked and camped and it was wonderful. Then, I hurt my back doing some gardening and took a week off which meant that last week I was behind on everything and the house needed a major cleaning. I also had a busy week with appointments, meetings, and hosted my book club. Yesterday we celebrated my son’s 24th birthday which is actually tomorrow. Whew, it’s been crazy!

I am getting back to work on holiday goodies for the shop. I can’t wait to show you the new embroideries I’ve been working on!

New in Shop :: Drawstring Project/Gift Bags

I've worked on these project/gift bags all summer long and finally finished them so they could get uploaded to my Etsy shop (KMSHandmade) just in time for the Etsy Labor Day Sale.  The sale is on now through Monday.  Everything in both of my shops (also KristinShieldsArt) is on sale at 10% off (free shipping every day too!).  If you need a small knitting project bag, these are perfect for one skein projects like socks or a scarf.  They also make great gift bags.  I've given them to friends filled with pretty soaps, lovely teas, or a skein of beautiful yarn.

They are fully lined and made with gorgeous cotton/linen blend fabrics like Robert Kaufman Essex solids and prints, Kokka prints, Cotton & Steel prints, Japanese prints and other quality cotton/linen blends.  I just happened to have all these fabrics in my stash and realized I was never going to make quilts with all of them.  The good news is that I have odd sized leftover pieces, so I'm sure many will show up in quilts here and there in the future.

Prints include lots of great modern abstract and representational prints.  There are also fun, whimsical animal prints including sloths, elephants, birds, polar bears, owls, squirrels, and more.  There are several made from Valori Wells prints.  There are also a limited selection of interesting map prints of famous cities including Rome, Sydney, Bangkok, London, Paris, New York City, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.  I am waiting for some cording to arrive, so if you don't see something I've mentioned, let me know, and i'll get you more information.  

Good news for local folks!  Next week I will have select bags available for sale at Wool Town in downtown Bend.  I'll post here when that happens.  Here are a few of the prints I mentioned. Please check out my KMSHandmade shop for lots more.  

KMS_3630 Rome.jpg