Introducing Kula

Kula 6.JPG

Just in time for Christmas we’ve added a new member to the family! This is Kula, an 8 week old female German Shepherd. She’s a sweetie who still doesn’t quite know how to sleep through the night so we are all in a bit of a puppy fog right now. Scrabble is still with us, but really isn’t all that impressed with the upstart. It’ll take a while to establish a rhythm, so I am planning to take it easy in the studio for the next month. I will be shipping orders every day though (quickie trips to the PO are great for learning to take car rides with ease). I hope your December is off to a good start too!

Kula 3.JPG
Kula 2.JPG
Kula 1 crop.jpg
Kula 4.JPG