Faces in Fabric Part 1- A Selfie

Selfie #1 (5).JPG

So what does a fabric face phobic person do when someone in their group suggests everyone make a fabric face?  In my case, she goes a little overboard learning about and getting comfortable with fabric faces.  I ended up spending most of the month of April working on various faces with a little help from this book by Melissa Averinos.  I requested that my library get her new book, Making Faces in Fabric, and within a few weeks they had actually gotten in 2 copies.  I went to town as soon as it came in.  Today I'm starting a new blog series about the various faces I made over a monthlong period.  


So, it was someone in my Undercover Quilters group who suggested that we all make a self portrait in a 12" square size.  At first, I was thinking I'd just do a bird and call it good, but then everyone argued that it had to be an actual human face.  Photographic likeness wasn't necessary, but it should have a good approximation of skin color, hair color, eye color and hair style.  On this one I didn't actually try to make it look like me except for those 4 features. 

I forgot to take photos earlier in the process, but after doing several of these I have a process that I follow and it always starts with the eyes.  Once the eyes are staring at me, it's so exciting I can't wait to continue.  The most fun to me is making the hair. It's the perfect opportunity to play with great prints.  I happen to have several good possibilities in the stash, so I know I'll keep making faces for a while.

Selfie #1 (1).JPG

The other thing I noticed with these faces is that the slightest adjustment of features or hair can make a huge difference, so I take a ton of cell phone photos as I go.  

Selfie #1 (2).JPG

Once the features all fused to the face fabric I started looking for a background.  The one below is a bit busy even though I liked the colors.  Also, you'll notice that on this one I fused the hair down to the face fabric.  On all the others after this I trimmed around the face before deciding on a background fabric and then added the hair at that time.  I learned a lot making this first one and refined the process in later faces.  

Selfie #1 (3).JPG

I finally decided on the turquoise linen below and fused it all down.  It was at this point I realized that if I wanted to keep the hair shape (and I really, really liked the hair shape), I would have a piece that measures out at 13.5" square.  It's a little bigger than it was supposed to be, so I think I may end up doing a second selfie at some point anyway.

Selfie #1 (4).JPG

Building the facial features and hair is so much fun that I was really feeling kind of nervous about the machine quilting.  Machine quilting is really a necessary evil in the best of times.  In the case of a face I started to feel that if it went wrong I'd mess it up and make weird lines in the face.  However, once I started I was so into it I didn't even realize where I was going.  I didn't intend to make the cheeks in two different patterns.  I had finished the second one before I realized what happened, but you know what- it doesn't matter!  I really love how this piece came out.  In subsequent faces I have refined the face shape and size and figure out how to make a face that fits within my design parameters.  I'll be sharing all that in the next few posts.  

If you've been curious about making fabric faces I hope you'll check out Melissa's book and give it a try.  I found her book to be an excellent way to take the fear out of making faces.  There's a whole chapter on drawing a face for those who've never done that. There are also many, many wonderful examples to refer to for ideas.  I enjoyed the book so much that I ended up buying it at one of my local quilt shops.  Now, I have the perfect reference to keep around for future faces and I guarantee there will be more!  Stay tuned for more posts about this first bunch of faces.

Selfie #1 (6).JPG

2017 Holiday Tails Art Fair

Brown ink on Ivory Linen (7).JPG

Hello Friends! 

I am working like crazy to get ready for the Holiday Tails Art Fair this weekend.  I finished up these ornaments above and below.  Some of them will be for sale at the fair. I want to keep a few, but it's hard to decide which ones to keep!   The Folk Art Friends ornaments above were an alternate colorway I put together to show the variety of colors and stitch you can use.  These were printed with brown ink on ivory linen.  The ornaments below were created with free hand embroidery on wool.  The free form embroidery is tricky and I kept wishing I had lines for guidance, but I like how they turned out.  I now admire even more the work by some of the embroiderers I follow on Instagram (especially Adam Pritchett).

Free hand embroidery on wool (11).JPG

In other news, I have been learning some new bookbinding stitches over the past month or so.  These are really fun to make.  The first two photos show some of the postcards books I made. I used modern art and quilt postcards from my stash.  


The newest type of stitch I've learned is called the buttonhole stitch.  This stitch is created with a delightful little cutout in the spine of the book.  These are truly lovely, special journals.  All of my journals have been created with acid free artist's paper.  Some have drawing paper, some have heavier paper suitable for wet media.  Some have a variety of paper for those who might want to experiment.  All of the journals come with a handwritten label indicating which paper is which in case you find something you want to get more of.  These are all for sale in the shop for the next few days.  I'll close the shop starting on Friday for the weekend when I do the art fair and unsold items will be re-listed on Monday December 11.

PS- I managed to finish the quilt from the previous post and submitted it along with two others for QuiltCon.  I'll post about them when I get a chance after the art fair.


Christmas Goose

2017 Christmas Goose (4).JPG

I'm all set up at the Christmas Goose at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend.  The show runs Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-4.  It's one of the best holiday shows in town, so I hope you'll stop by if you are in the area.  There are so many good vendors too!  I regret that I didn't get a photo of Cheryl's table, but her Silly Dog Art Glass looks fantastic.  There are also the most amazing soaps at the table just to the left of mine.  Lots of good stuff.  

2017 Christmas Goose (2).jpg
2017 Christmas Goose (3).jpg

Etsy Update

2017 November Small Paintings.JPG

Just an FYI- On Thursday afternoon I will be deactivating about half my Etsy listings for the show I'm doing on Friday and Saturday.  All of these are included in that, as well as all the ornaments and greeting cards.  Items that I am not bringing to the show will still be available in the shop.  I'll adjust the listings and reactivate unsold items on Sunday.  so, just be aware that some items may come and go over the next few days.  Have a happy, colorful weekend!

Christmas in the Shop


'Tis the season for holiday boutiques!  Now that Christmas boutiques are popping up all over the place I hope you'll also consider purchasing gifts and holiday decor from the artists on Etsy.  I have recently added the hand stamped and hand painted Christmas cards above, as well as a Christmas stocking just added today.  

2017 Christmas Stocking (1).JPG

I also have two upcoming local shows.  I hope you'll consider coming out to both of these outstanding art and craft fairs.

  • Christmas Goose fundraiser for Wendy's Wish cancer patient support at St. Charles Medical Center on November 17 (9-6) and 18 (9-4).
  • Holiday Tails Art Fair fundraiser for the Humane Society of Central Oregon at the outlet mall on December 8 (4-7 wine and cheese reception), December 9 and December 10 (10-4).

At both of these shows I'll have mainly ornaments, acrylic paintings, watercolors and gouache paintings.  I'll also have greeting cards, both printed and original painted cards. 

I'll also have a few of the stitched ornaments that I made as embroidery kit samples.  You can see the second bunch below ready to be finished.  If there are any left over after the second show I'll be putting them in the shop. 

2017 Midnight Cat (1).JPG
2017 Acrylic Ornaments (3).JPG
2017 Still Life Interior with Yellow Pitcher crop.jpg
2017 Three Pears crop.jpg
2017 Ornaments.JPG